L for love

Here it is, the day of Love.

For some, Valentine’s means chocolate and sexiness, for others loneliness .. For me, it only means Love. Love your significant other, Love your friends, Love your family, but most of all, Love Yourself. Without being able to look at yourself in the mirror and Love what you see, it will be hard for others to do the same.

Physique is the first impression but that’s only a small part of who you are. The great news is that you can change the other aspects. Life is too short, no need to waste time hating who you are. Everything is much more beautiful when you can appreciate it, and that goes for You as well. I don’t say it will be an easy path, but it will lead you to a beautiful treasure ; Love.

I believe Love is one of the most powerful feelings. Everybody should seek Love even if it’s just your own. Your days will be brighter, happier and the stars will shine upon you ! To Love yourself is the first step, then everything else comes along !!! A simple smile can lead you to a compliment.

Be grateful of who you are. Love who you are.

Share and spread the Love

Happy Valentine’s !!

With All my Love from NYC ♥

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