70s flares

As days get warmer and longer, we need to get our summer wardrobe ready ! That said, a little summer-essentials shopping is required !!! Every season, trends change; some stay, some will never come back and some are new and fresh !

One thing I like about fashion is that if you weren’t born when it came out, you will definitely be when it comes back !!! This season, the Seventies are empowering our closets ! Suede, denim, midi length skirts, flare/bell bottom pants, fringes, earth tones, high waisted, patchwork are just a few things that marked the decade ! It’s vibrant and creative. I really recommend investing in high waisted flare/bell bottom jeans, a piece with fringe (jacket, dress, skirt, bag, sandals…) and a earth tone suede (or imitation!) skirt ! Those three key pieces are enough to throw you back to the 70s without ruining your budget, since it might not last another full decade !!

I chose to play with to different decades, as my denim, flare sleeve dress makes you think of the hippie movement of the 70s, but the black high heels bring you back to a more modern era !! Don’t be afraid of mix matching decades !!

Romantic bohemian could definitely be part of the 70s fashion, but I like to put it in a category on it’s own ! Flowy maxi dresses, lace, ruffles, transparency, flowers, pesant blouses, white and powdery colours. It gives you a girlie, gypsy look ! Perfect for hot summer days !

The military look has been out there for a few years already ! It’s one of those that you don’t get tired of !! Cargo pockets, utility jacket, khaki and army green are still in duty this season !

Asymmetrical hems on skirts, dresses and even tops are a must this summer ! Sexy, daring and effortless all at once ! I really like the touch of edginess it gives !

Gingham checked pattern (as I mentioned here) is everywhere ! Either you prefer black-blocking or twin sets, delicate or oversize, monochrome or pastel colours, make sure you have gingham in your closet !! Don’t be afraid to mix it with other patterns or to mix size and colours of the gingham prints.

Masculine tailoring will probably never come out of style ! It’s sexy, easy to wear, perfect for your business meeting and it makes you feel powerful ! Either wide-legged or slim fit, oversize jacket or a more feminine version, we all need a matching set ! If you want to be a little more original, try the kimono blazer ! The Japanese influence with the obi (which mean sash) makes it feminine while wearing masculine garment ! You can also wear the obi with your dresses and tops to accentuate the waist !

I hope this will help you prepping up your closet for the upcoming season ! Remember, it’s not about buying everything, but rather getting few key pieces that will uplift your wardrobe !! Be true to yourself but dare enough to try new things !!! ♥






















Yellow for gloomy days
Matching patterns