Feeling blue

Roosevelt Island is probably not the first place you would think to go to as a local or a tourist. But the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park is actually worth the detour ! The triangular park, with its lined trees, is the perfect place to gather your thoughts while overlooking Manhattan ! The Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial hosts all sorts of free activities and on the weekends, the Katchkie Farm Food Station offers various snacks and a delicious blackberry lemonade ! Isn’t that worth the short funicular ride ?!

Monochrome is simple and elegant. Most people go for black and/or white but today, I was feeling a little frisky and opted for shades of blue ! When going for monochrome, you don’t have to worry if your shades are not exactly the same ! As long as they pair well, you are good to go ! Denim shirts, or denim all together, are something that have been out there for decades and won’t go anywhere ! Versatile and comfortable, you can easily dress them up or keep them casual ! Long sleeves, short sleeves, oversized, fitted, dark, washed, whatever suits your taste !!! Mine is a gift from a friend, therefore I have no clue where it’s from but you can rest assured you’ll find one as they sell them everywhere !! I like the studded shoulders on mine, it gives an extra edge ! I paired it with a midi fringed skirt that I absolutely adore ! On top of adding movement to the look, the fringe skirt is playful yet chic. I love the double layer of fringes, it’s subtle but adds character to the skirt ! Midi skirts can be tricky to wear, especially if you are not a tall woman, but this one makes it easier !! Fringe midi skirts are the perfect solution since they trick the eye !! As the wind catches the fringes, your legs get revealed giving you the impression of wearing a mini instead of a midi while still looking extremely stylish ! My suede, electric blue, bucket bag was the perfect option for my all blue look. The colour pops out yet blends well ! Don’t be afraid to wear an all blue look, just think of denim over denim for instance, and with that, you can’t go wrong !!

Hope your weekend was fantastic ! Mine was busy yet so much fun !!! If you follow me on Instagram (@julia.fashionista) you saw me through my birthday weekend but here’s a little recap ! It started on Friday night with some drinks and snacks on a friend’s rooftop !! Saturday, before heading to a fabulous dinner on a rooftop again (I just love the view a rooftop gives you !!!), I had to work work work !! But since I get to do what I love; blogging about fashion, working is always lots of fun !! Sunday was more cozy, but hey isn’t that what Sundays are for ?! ♥












A masculine touch
Eyelashes & pink blush