Autumn colours

9/11 was a tragedy that the United States will never forget, especially here in NYC. For some, the event took their last breath, for others, it took their beloved. Even though it happened almost 15 years ago, the memorial carries, to this day, a lot of emotions ! The reconstruction took a few years but now, New York is stronger than ever ! The memorial gathers a lot of people and is, in its own way, spectacular. It’s impressive to see how New Yorkers did not let the events crush them down. What used to be two simple, tall office towers are now two pools with names of each one of the victims of the attack from September 11. Within the plaza, between the two pools, you can notice a multitude of trees but one is more special then the others. They call it the Survivor Tree as it survived the tragedy. With only one living branch when recovered, it is now fully grown and is still growing. A symbol of hope and rebirth.

Be the survivor tree, never let anything put you down.

On a more happy note, I can officially say that my Fall colours are finally out !!! Was about time !! I’m still going to occasionally wear some lighter/brighter colours tough, but as you might have noticed, black is back in my wardrobe !! Goodbye pure crisp white ! Till next time !! All jokes aside, this dress is THE perfect Autumn dress. The pattern and mix of colours are warm and cozy plus the high neck is perfect for those chilly days !! I can already see it being on a high rotation this Fall !!! So easy to dress up or down ! With a cape or a fur vest, knee length boots or ankle booties, as a skirt with a sweater over or as a top with a skirt over, the possibilities are endless !! I kept it very simple here, to show you the dress in all of its splendor, but to add some character, I opted for a statement ring. I love rings so much but unfortunately, rings are most often then not forgotten ! Small and delicate, people don’t pay attention to them. But with a statement ring like this one, you can’t miss it ! It changes the whole look ! And in a good way, of course !!

It’s the time of the year when the leaves change colours and I hope you will get a chance to see the transformation wherever you might be !!! As for me, I will definitely go for a stroll in Central Park to appreciate all the beauty of Autumn !! Wish you all a wonderful and colourful weekend !! ♥











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