Summer stripes

Summer is officially here and what a better way to kick off the season than with a monochrome look. Black and white are definitely not only reserved to Summer but it’s surely a great combo to look chic and effortless in the heat, if you have the right pieces ! Today, I will be sharing with you a few tips to look fresh and elegant in monochrome this Summer.

We all know black can get extremely hot in the sun so try to have slightly more white than black by wearing an all white top or bottom. I find monochrome looks are at their finest when you have a perfect balance between black and white so try to keep that in mind while still preferring white. For instance, I am wearing a white top but to balance, I added a black hat.

Crop tops are a favorite of mine and ideal for the hot weather ! I like to pair them with high waisted bottoms to give them a chic look. If you are not too comfortable in a short crop top, try one with the hem that reaches your belly button as paired with a high waisted skirt or shorts, the top won’t look as crop !

I much prefer skirts over shorts for the Summer as they are so feminine and playful. Play with different lengths, shape, material and colours ! Tip: if you wear a crop top, mini skirts are a don’t, you want to keep that elegance. It’s all about balance. Perforated fabrics are also a good way to stay cool and add that extra edginess !

Think of patterns to balance the monochromes. Stripes, polka dots, geometrics, or any patterns you like. It’s a fun way to incorporate both colours at the same time.

I also want to share with you this amazing online boutique I recently discovered; Zaful. They sell high quality, affordable but expensive looking, stylish pieces from accessories to shoes to clothing, including swimwear. Plus, their size guide is on point, which is often a tricky thing when purchasing online. They are just celebrating their second anniversary and for the occasion they have giveaways, flash deals and discounts till June 30th !! I strongly recommend checking them out and make sure not to miss those celebratory deals ! See below for some of their promotions.

Both my top (how cute is this oversized bow !!!) and skirt are from them but also my favorite; those incredible fringe lace up sandals, which are less than $30 !! Be warned, they will be on high rotation these little ones !!!

You will certainly hear from Zaful again as I already have my eyes on a few more items !!!














Bikini Besties
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Princess of the Nights
Coral red


  • sam collin

    Wow!!! how pretty girl is there, your dress is so beauty with elegance stylish, i love it, thanks for you share.

    • juliafashionista

      Thanks a lot Sam !

  • Mila Godevskaya

    Amazing look and great advice about your fashion secrets!! Thank you very much hun!! Your outfit is really a triumph of class and style and is full of so beautiful and inspirational garments I liked so much indeed! First of them your wonderful top with that so elegant bow, then those stunning fringed lace up sandals for which I’m really dying, your so precious gold necklace and, as you already know, your so lovely straw hat!! I’d say I like your skirt too but I don’t like high waisted clothes very much really. Anyway, once again, everything looks magically perfect on you! ❤ Love, xoxoxox


    • juliafashionista

      Once again, thank you so much sweetie !! XOXOX

  • Milex

    • juliafashionista