The world has been fascinated with extraterrestrial life for decades now. Do they exist ?! If so, where are they from and who are they !? How many are there ?! What do they want ?! So many questions never answered. Only speculations .. But today, I am here to tell you, that they DO exist !! Or at least, let’s pretend they do !!!

Gemma, from Galactica, just landed on Earth. She was sent to do some research. Mainly about the Earth but also about us, humans. What we call Home, looks like nothing she has seen before. With her eyes wide open, she captures as much information as she can and secure it on a hard disc located in her brain. Through that disc, her people can have access to all of her data and see what she sees, hear what she hears and perceive all the details of Earth. It is beautiful she thinks. Spectacular, grandiose, enchanting, no word can describe her emotions. She is fascinated by what we’ve achieved, built and created. Her minimalistic planet, looks, all of the sudden, really small to her eyes. And she wonders if we actually need all of this .. Or maybe it’s the other way around, maybe They need it. But she can’t grasp the idea .. How can all they have built be healthy for the planet ?! Can their planet still breathe, she reckons ..

We have so many questions about them, just as they have about us.












Maxi bonheur
That 70s trend


  • Mila Godevskaya

    Lovely sci-fi text and lovely extraterrestrial intelligence who enchants humanity with her open wide eyes!! You’re extraordinarily beautiful and amazing in this bluish alien version, with that awesome wig, your fantastic lipstick, your nail polish and your stunning eyes are together a real jewel, precious and rare!! Then about your gorgeous dress, how cute are those sleeves separated from all the rest! And that off shoulder neckline so feminine and sexy! I didn’t know that alien girls were so nice and classy! lol❤ I’m so glad to hear that the storm has passed and that you’re fine again! Love, xoxoxo


    • juliafashionista

      :P Thank you so much love !!! XOXOXOX