Tris, the tough one

We all have a badass side ! Wether you use it or not, that is completely up to you .. But once in a while, I think it’s good to let that inner side of you out ! You might end up making bold decisions that will lead you to new places and discover new facets of yourself ! Of course, I’m ONLY talking about positive things here !!!! Being badass is not only about kicking butts !!! It’s also about kicking your own into doing things out of your comfort zone !

So here’s a little editorial on Tris, the badass ! She is a tough cookie and is always pushing her limits farther.

Don’t you just love the idea of not limiting your capacities !? To always seek new challenges ?! Easier said than done, but I always try to keep that in mind. Being badass is not only an attitude thing, it’s also a mind game ! Be a badass in your thoughts and you’ll act badass ! In all the best possible way !

It was a real experience (and definitely a fun one !) to play tough on construction sites all around the city. I definitely went out of my comfort zone to create this and I really hope you guys will enjoy the outcome as much as I do !!! XOXO ♥











Double stripes


  • Mila Godevskaya

    Yes!!! Badass, but always classy, ultra-feminine, sexy and stylistically perfect! And congratulations once again both for the editorial and for the exceptional imagination in the choice of clothes and of the background. About badass and background you made me remember a funny old song “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo”: that made me laugh so much! Your outfit is instead super chic, especially due to your lace top with fringes, your beautiful lace-up sandals and your ’70s style wig! And btw sorry for my delay in my comment but my computer crashed so these days I’m having some problems to connect.❤ Love, xoxox


    • juliafashionista

      Thank you dear ! Sorry to hear about your computer .. :( Hope you are well and once again, thank you for taking the time to comment ! Love, XOXOXOX