Owl’s wisdom

There are a few things in life that I wouldn’t want to live without ! French fries (yes .. guilty as charged !!!) and dresses !!! Dresses are perfect in so many ways ! They are chic, feminine, playful, can be worn casually or elegantly, at night or day time and all year round ! Dresses are my go to practically any time but especially when I don’t know what to wear and or in a rush !! With or without accessories, a dress has the power to make you feel and look beautiful no matter what kind of hair day you are having !!

Now, some dresses are better than others ! Like this gorgeous navy one from VIPme for instance ! It’s light and flowy, the wrap design makes it super easy to slip on, the owl pattern is to die for AND it has pockets !!! It’s sexy but conservative enough with its midi length and the silky fabric gives it that extra touch ! You could easily dress it down but for today’s look, I opted for simple chic with an unconventional twist. Lace up sandals, because why not ! A golden necklace to glamorize it and a turban looking head piece to add some edginess !! But like I mentioned, you could tone it down with slip on shoes, a messy bun and by replacing the self tie belt by a leather one ! Dresses are so versatile and this one will definitely be on a high rotation !

 You can shop the dress directly on VIPme’s apps (Get VIPme App to bring more brands into your pocket. For IOS or Android) or by clicking here ! And remember to use my coupon code SIJulia94 at checkout to get $5 off on orders over $50 ! Also, when registering at vipme.com, you get a $30 coupon !

I also want to invite you to watch VIPme’s non-commercial video called I AM #UniquelyME !

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Statement skirt
Summer dress


  • Mila Godevskaya

    Today’s dress is really glamorous: light as a cloud, blue as the sky, refined as silk, classy like the imperial owls of its pattern, and ultra-feminine as the pretty model who is wearing it! Not only the dress but the whole outfit is however flawless because as always it is studied with attention to minute detail: your turban and your sandals are really perfect and go wonderfully well with the dress.❤Love, xoxox


    • juliafashionista

      You’re the best ! Thank you ! Much love, XOXOX