Run for your goals – feat. Karen Walker eyewear

I’ve never been much of an athletic person. I’ve been going on and off to the gym for the past few years .. Without really enjoying myself .. It’s always been a battle and a commitment I was never really willing to make. Yes I want to be fit, but I also want that slice of pizza ! My fitness path was always a disappointment as I never really saw any progress. I read somewhere that it takes four weeks for you to notice any changes, eight weeks for your friends and family and twelve for everybody else. I’ve always quit before. Of course, to change your body you also need to change your eating habits ! I eat pretty healthy with the occasional treat, I just need to pump my gym game ! The older I get, I understand how important and healthy it is to be in good shape ! In my case, it is more of a mental challenge than a physical one ! I know my body can do it, but my mind just wants to stay in bed !! But once you put yourself into it .. Your body AND mind demand it ! And that is the fabulous part !

So today, I am sharing with you this new editorial featuring Karen Walker sunnies. Those blue shades with their aerodynamic vibe inspired me for this new set of pictures ! It definitely put me out of my comfort zone ! It was fun, tough and challenging all at once ! Strength is a beautiful thing !

I hope you guys enjoy ! XOXO ♥

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Touch up, by Essie
Dress & sneakers


  • Mila Godevskaya

    My computer just broke down but, although briefly, I want to comment all the same this wonderful outfit. This sporty version of Julia is really amazing! I really love it! Black according to the latest fashion, super athletic, stylistically perfect and then ultra modern and technological, it seems like you’re just coming from the Olympic gyms, or even out of the Sports Illustrated or Pirelli calendar’s shooting set! Your fishnet blouse and your so particular leggings are the most remarkable garments, while I don’t like your sunnies in a special way…they’re just nice but nothing more. I’ve been happy to hear that you’re lazy just like me (lol), such as I’ve been very happy to read from you again after quite a long time. In this regard, I saw that you wrote an interesting article last week, but without lookbook I read it today only. Why don’t you add a newsletter on your blog for your loyal readers? I would be the first to subscribe it! ❤ Love, xoxoxo


    • juliafashionista

      Hi hun !! Sorry to hear about your computer and thank you for still taking the time to read and comment ! :)
      Thank you so, so much for all your warm words ! :) I am super happy to hear that you liked my last editorial !
      I had a newsletter but then decided to remove it .. I might eventually put it back .. You’ll be the first one to know !
      Love, XOXOXO