What I wore – Luxembourg edition

Luxembourg was such a cute surprise ! It’s a very small town but oh so adorable ! It’s quiet, so quiet you almost feel the need to whisper ! For that matter, I kept my looks monochromic with a touch of classic red for one of them ! Luxembourg with its Basse-Ville and Haute-Ville, you definitely need some comfy shoes cause some streets are pretty steep ! First day is usually a day of reconnaissance so I opted for my favorite slip on flats but for the last two days I jumped into my sneakers to explore the city thoroughly ! I will share with you guys some pictures in a later post ! Please bare with me, so many pictures to go through !!!

Once again, I played the layering game to keep me going through the first days of Fall ! I like to juxtapose a Summer staple over a knit sweater ! It’s fresh but keeps you warm and it gives you one more chance to wear all those cute tops from this past season ! Sometimes, you’re simply not ready to let go yet !

Our last day in the city was pretty crazy windy !!! My trick to keep my hair in place is to wear a beanie ! Choose a detailed one like my turban looking one for a touch of chicness ! Cause even if I’m walking all day exploring, I’m still stylish !!!

Wish you all a fabulous hump day lovelies ! XOXO ♥








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  • Mila Godevskaya

    You know? I’ve never been in Luxembourg yet! I would play with layering too if only I had cold. It’s a much more practical and cool idea than heavy clothing. Here too, the outfits you propose are really awesome but my favourite is the second, because of its amazing mesh, and of its so wonderful lace pants! Elegance and class to the nth degree! love, xoxox


    • juliafashionista

      You should try to make it one of these days ! It’s a beautiful city ! :)

      Once again, thank you so much for your love and support ! XOXOXO

  • John

    Love your blog! It is truly amazing :)

    • juliafashionista

      :) Thank you so much John ! Means a lot !