5 things to do & see in Amsterdam

Amsterdam definitely stole my heart. All the canals, the cobblestoned streets, cute flowers decorating the city, bikes everywhere, even the tram was charming !! I had such a wonderful time and I truly recommend visiting if you get a chance. I am no Amsterdam expert but today I will share with you 5 things not to miss while in Amsterdam.




First, do it like the locals ! Either walk or rent a bike and literally go everywhere ! You can trust me on this one, renting a car is totally pointless in Amsterdam ! The city is quite small plus bikes and pedestrians have priority over cars. With that said, just walk, or bike, all around the city center ! You’ll discover tons of cute shops, restaurants, bars, and just such adorable streets !



We were only a few days in Amsterdam, therefore I did not have a lot of time to spend in museums. But there were two that I did not want to miss and I think neither should you ! The Anne Frank museum will touch your soul ! Walking through her house where she was hiding with her family during WWII will leave you with deep thoughts and wanting to read or re-read her journal ! It’s impressive to see how small the house was for such a high number of people living in it. You can book your tickets online but do so before you leave for your trip or buy at the door, allowing plenty of time for it cause the line can be quite long at times but it’s so worth the wait !



My second museum is for lovers of art ! The Van Gogh museum is really impressive ! You get to know so much about the artist, from his early years to his “insanity” to his death and beyond. Going through his famous paintings left me so inspired ! He definitely worked very hard to achieve such success !



Drink local but I would not recommend to eat local unless you love your deep fried snacks !!! But beer wise, there are tons of varieties, one more tasty than the other ! We all know Heineken so open your horizons !!! Food wise, there are TONS of super cute restaurants all around the city serving all sorts of cuisine ! Everyplace we hit, we were never disappointed which makes me wonder if ALL places are just simply delicious or we were lucky !!!




Say cheese !!! Yes you heard me !!! Cheese, cheese and more cheese !! Like the big wheel of cheese kinda cheese !!! Cheese shops are literally on every corner making it hard to resist them ! It would be a sin not to try them fresh .. or aged !!!!

There you have it, my top 5 not to miss in Amsterdam !! I hope this will be helpful for your next visit in the city ! Please share your experiences if you’ve been !  XOXO ♥

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  • Topp

    Florals are amazing. Could never go wrong with these prints!!

    • juliafashionista

      I know right !

  • Mila Godevskaya

    Damn !! You’ll never finish to surprise me: in fact you not only are an extraordinary blogger, but, in case, you’d be a perfect tourist guide because I know Amsterdam and, in a few key images, you have been able to give an outstanding overview, which would make anyone want to go there. Your advice then are all spot-on and therefore extremely useful for any visitor. As for the photos they are wonderful as postcards, and you are beautiful in all three outfits. Much love, xoxox


    • juliafashionista

      Oh wow !! Thank you so much Mila ! This means a lot to me as it was my very first travel diary and it’s completely different than what I usually do !! Am I so, so happy you loved it !! :) You are definitely giving me a little extra boost which is always welcomed !
      Much love hun, XOXO

  • Milex