5 tips to fully enjoy your stay in Luxembourg

Happy Friday everyone ! In today’s post I am taking you back to Luxembourg and sharing with you 5 tips to spend a marvelous weekend in the city ! We ended up staying 4 nights, having 3 beautiful days to explore ! The city is extremely quiet, it almost feels like a retreat .. It’s peaceful and very charming ! But Luxembourg is a small city and is not very populated, so here are a few tips to help you get your way around it !




Tip 1; Most stores close around 5 or 6pm (with some exceptions that close a little later), it’s like the whole city shuts down when the clock ticks 5 !!! So make sure you make all your purchases before, I’m also thinking of snacks and wine, cause, yes, the grocery stores close early too !!!




Tip 2; Not only do the places close their doors early (or am I just so use to NYC hours ?!) but some of them do not open at all on Sundays and some even on Mondays .. Restaurants included ! With that said, I know one delicious place called Goethe Stuff that opens on both of these days ! It’s a little hidden gem (and I mean it by hidden !! But you’ll find it !) It’s an extremely busy place, so make sure you make a reservation ! We tried a few dishes and everything is super tasty and affordable ! If you are into that stuff, make sure you try the snails !!! So, so good !!!




Tip 3; The city has a Basse-Ville and a Haute-Ville which, as they are called, one is higher and the other lower. Which makes you walk up and down all day so make sure you bring comfortable shoes for your trip ! Plus most streets are cobblestone so leave behind any shoes that could easily get damaged with the uneven streets !




Tip 4; One of the perks of having different altitudes is the amazing sunsets you can witness ! Bring a blanket and watch it go down behind the scenery ! But don’t forget tip number one, stop at the grocery beforehand !!! Luxembourg city has tons of greenery including a giant park, perfect for an afternoon picnic !!!



Tip 5; Last but not least, if you want to truly experience the city, I would strongly recommend to stay away from what seems like the Americanized street ! It has tons of restaurants that actually look cute but, trust me, we went into one and were Extremely disappointed. The city is small but there are tons of gems so no need to feel like you haven’t left the US !

And there you have it, my 5 tips to help you fully enjoy your stay in Luxembourg ! XOXO ♥

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  • Topp

    Yasss. Seems like a nice small cultural retreat. I’m looking to go there myself! Cheers!

    • juliafashionista

      You’ll love it !! Cheers !

  • Patrice82

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    • juliafashionista

      Thank you so much ! Will check it out !

  • Mila Godevskaya

    And so my favorite sexy tour guide is back! Your tips are perfect even for the visitor who does not know anything about the place he’s going to visit! With regard to your outfits are really delicious: the midi skirts are extremely beautiful and feminine, as well as being comfortable and appropriate for every situation! I also like a lot your sneakers, very trendy and fashionable! Love, xoxox


    • juliafashionista

      I am so glad you appreciate my travel diaries !! :)
      And thank you, once more, for all the warm notes you leave after each post ! :) Means a lot ! XOXOXO