What to see & eat while in Brussels

Ah Brussels .. You definitely surpassed my “no expectations” expectations ! When I travel to a new city, I either like to know beforehand what I plan to do and see or leave it completely to the spur of the moment ! And that’s what we pretty much did this whole past trip !!! Nothing planed other than walking through the cute streets and letting the city guide us ! No agenda !



With that said, today I am sharing with you what, in my opinion, you should truly not miss while in Brussels ! First things first, let’s talk about food !!! Belgium is known for their fries, waffles, chocolate and beers. And please, do yourself a favor and try it ALL !!!! Chocolateries are literally on every corner close to the heart of Brussels, making it hard to resist ! Just like the smell of freshly baked waffles !!! Who could say no to a warm waffle covered in Belgian chocolate with strawberries to top it all !! It is la crème de la crème if you ask me !


Yes you can order Belgium beers pretty much in any pub anywhere, but while in Brussels, explore deeper than the Stella Artois ! So many varieties, from dark to red to blond, and oh so tasty ! Not a fan of beers, try their fruity ones ! About the fries, no they might not be to die for depending on your fries standards, but that’s not the point ! Just try them ! They are the perfect balance between chewy and crispy ! And don’t forget to get sauce on the side !


Now, about what to see, I am only going to cover the basics with a little extra. The city has few iconic things to see and a lot more to offer. But it all depends on how much time you have and what you are into. We walked pretty much the whole city from one extremity to another, going through some sketchier neighborhoods, which I’ll spare you the details ! So let’s start with what you probably already know; The Grand-Place. Because it simply BLEW my mind away (remember I had NO clue what Brussels had to offer) !!! It’s the plaza located in front of the Hôtel de Ville, where you will be astonished by the opulence. It’s simply grandiose !





Next, the Palais de Bruxelles and the Place Royale are as beautiful as you would expect them to be ! A few other iconic things include the Manneken Pis, Gallerie St-Hubert (not for the shops per say but for its architecture !) and the Cathédrale des Sts-Michel et Gudule.





As for my little extra, if you have spare time and are planning to visit Brussels within the next week (I know .. really short notice ..), I strongly recommend checking out the “TALK” exhibition in the Atomium. It’s so much fun, you won’t want to leave !!! Plus the fact that it is in the Atomium gives a little extra ! And while you are up there, why not visit the Mini-Europe ! It made me realize how much more I need to see in Europe but also how much I’ve seen so far ! It was a good perspective ! And the art work is quite impressive !








Thanks for stopping by ! Wish you a fabulous end of week ! XOXO ♥

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