Feeling powerful & chic in DressLily

Every once in a while, you find items that either goes with everything or that you never want to take off ! And this whole DressLily look is pretty much either or ! Remember last week when I said I was SO excited to share outfits with you, well this one is one of them (and I’m just as excited, if not more about the second one !!!!). Each pieces of today’s look are a beauty on their own but paired all together, you create such a powerful, chic, elegant with a retro twist, vibe ! These are the types of outfits I live for ! That or the second look I’m so excited about ! But we’ll get to that one later this week !

When it comes to shopping, I usually have a clear idea of an outfit and purchase the missing item(s), which I will also be able to wear with other items I own. I think we’ve all done it, buying a piece of clothing but ending up never wearing it .. I’ve done it repetitively .. until I decided it was time for a change ! If I don’t wear my purchases right away, it’s a sign it should go back to where it belongs; the store !

When it comes to collaborating with brands, I try to get a full look as to really get a sense of their merchandise ! Some brands, even though they sell clothing, accessories, bags and shoes, they are more specialized in only one or two departments rather than all of them. By getting a full look, I get to know the brand and also where they are better qualified at so I can guide you ! But once in a while, you hit the jackpot !!! A brand or online boutique where everything they sell is out of this world !!!! DressLily is one of them !! Amazingly high quality, affordable prices, fast shipping and a large selection with various styles ! Like seriously, how cute are those sunnies ?! And what to say about that camera bag !!! I don’t want to let go of it !!! And the dress; with pockets !!! But more importantly, that coat !! The colour, the shape and the fabric, so, so soft and warm ! (Unfortunately the coat is sold out but I’ve linked a similar one at the bottom) The only thing I did not get from them are shoes/boots but that’s because I recently binged on four pairs of boots so I decided to take a break !

DressLily currently have major sales for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so don’t miss out ! XOXO ♥











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