Same clothes, new looks

Good morning lovelies ! As some of you might think, as a fashion blogger I own so many clothes that I don’t have to ever repeat any, well today I am here to tell you the contrary ! I actually love repeating pieces to give them a new look ! Cause seriously, who likes to buy clothes to only wear them once ! So today’s look is nothing but pieces you’ve seen before but worn in a totally different way !

Even though I love getting new items, I tend to focus on the same ones nonetheless ! I have a few seasonal favorites, some good old classics and of course statement garments that I tend to purchase more often than not, making it harder to repeat them. But there’s always a way ! And today, I am sharing with you a few tips on how to repeat your closet’s favorite without looking always the same !

First things first, when it comes to repeating pieces, try to think of said pieces in a more versatile way, think outside the box ! Dresses can become tops, skirts can be worn over pants and don’t forget the layering trend ! For instance, I am wearing a floral tunic as a top and the belt as a choker !

Play with colours and patterns. As simple as it sounds, pairing your ultimate favorite trousers with a different colour/pattern top gives them a new look each time and it keeps the focus elsewhere ! As for me, I paired my StyleWe skirt (seen here in 2 different looks) with completely different colours and I added a floral pattern to really mix things up !

If the item you want to repeat is a statement one like my skirt, try to “camouflage” them a tad. Flashy trousers, wear a long top over them. Funky sweater, wear a dress over it. Puffy tulle skirt, wear a long blazer or coat over it. Simply try to take the attention away from them, even though, I know, they are supposed to make a statement, but not in this case !

And last but not least, play with accessories ! Change your bag, swap your shoes for boots, add or remove jewels, wear a hat, change your sunnies ! Any small detail will revamp your look ! Same for your hair and makeup ! It’s incredible how just a different colour lipstick can change everything ! Or having your hair up or down !

Wish you all a fantastic Monday and I hope these few tips will help you next time you want to re-wear your favorite pieces ! XOXO ♥













Holiday Season ready 
It “finally” feels like November


  • Andy

    Amazing Outfit, Looking Great.
    Lulugal Coupon

    • juliafashionista

      Thanks ! :)

  • missreverie

    Your tips are very, very helpful, Julia! I love how thorough you get into the little details of giving an outfit a new feel even though we’ve worn the clothes on repeat, we can still keep the look FRESH. You look just stunning and of course, brilliantly stylish in your OOTD. I quite like how you used the belt as choker! So creative! :D

    Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary

    • juliafashionista

      Awww Thank you so, so much Shanaz !!! It means a lot !! :)
      Sending all my love ! XOXO

  • Milex Roj

    • juliafashionista