It’s never only black or white

Sometimes we dress for success, some other times, we just want to “not” dress. Sometimes we want to impress, some other times we just want to be impress. Sometimes we want the inspiration, some other times we want to be an inspiration. No one feels only one side of the coin. It’s never only black or white. The grey matters.

I’ve been looking for a major source of inspiration lately. Something different, something bold, edgy, something new. Doing the same thing over and over gets old and boring at times. Don’t we all need to spice things up once in a while ?! It’s beautiful how life is orchestrated sometimes. I say that because the inspiration I was looking for wasn’t far but not within reach, yet. Until I had a song stuck in my head for no particular reason. That song, once I’ve listened to it, trying to get rid of it .. unleashed all the inspiration I could have never thought possible. It gave me a rush ! It was like an illumination !

I more than often feel the syndrome of the white page .. But eventually it all comes out in a flash. I was badly desperate for just one good idea; that song gave it all to me and a lot more. And hopefully within the next posts, you will be able to see that said inspiration .. and I am more than thrilled to get back to work !

November was getting tough .. Like I said, I was getting tired of doing the same thing over and over and with the weather getting colder .. I simply didn’t feel like going out there to shoot some outfits for you guys. December came in, and I was just getting hopeless .. I needed something more to motivate me. And honestly, I think I found it. At least for now, it totally excites me just to think about it !

Now quickly about this look, it definitely was one of those days, lacking the sparks, but the outcome still came out pretty good. Relax, casual with a little girlie touch with the cutest crop coat from StyleWe ! Sometimes that’s all we need.

Sometimes, what we are seeking is right under our eyes. Try to stay alert, anything can happen ! XOXO ♥






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