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Happy Friday everyone ! It’s incredible how the end of the year is just around the corner. Everyone and everywhere is so festive, it’s hard to truly grasp that yet, another year is ending and another one is about to start. It might seem mundane but for some it means a whole lot more. It’s the time when we can reinvent ourselves, when we can change bad habits and create good ones. The time when we reflect about our achievements and our goals to reach. But despite all that, it’s also the time of the year when the days are at their shortest. It probably sounds irrelevant, but I do believe it affects our moods. For some people it literally means that they don’t get to see the sun .. at all .. But soon, it’ll be all over, 2017 will be here in full force and the days will become slowly longer and the weather slowly warmer.

Fall is a beautiful season but also kind of depressing at times. Seeing all the leaves leaving their trees, like saying goodbye. Feeling the air getting crisper, chilling you to the bones. Hearing the rain clashing against the windows day in and day out. And seeing the sun going to sleep a little earlier everyday makes you want to do the same. No wonder bears hibernate ! When Fall arrives, my mind go through so many emotions and feelings .. I do a lot of reflecting and lots of questions flow through my deeper self. Don’t make fun of me but I am really weather sensitive ! But this year felt different. I was asking myself bigger questions. The kind of questions that can change your life depending on the answers. Some people might call it a quarter year life crisis, some might just say it’s the natural path of life. Either or, it’s, at times, pretty scary. The unknown can be quite frightening.

Today, I will finally share with you some of the answers to my questions. I’ve been talking a lot and not necessarily about fashion lately but that’s one change I decided to make. So many words can describe an outfit, it gets easily boring. I wanted to also use this platform to talk truly and deeply. Some of you might not agree with what I will share but that’s the beauty of human nature ! Agreeing and disagreeing is what makes us, us; different from one another ! And we should all embrace the fact that we all have our own opinions and view of life !

This blog will always be primarily about fashion; me sharing with you my own personal view of it and how I utilize it. But also a place to talk, confide and share experiences. So please, leave a comment, send me an email, if there is anything you want me to discuss or simply want to communicate some of your own feelings, my door is open ! I am by no means a life expert but together, we can get a better understanding of it !

About today’s photographs, they are just the beginning of what I want to share with you ! I want to fully explore the magical world of fashion photography with all its different aspects. I not only want to share my outfit with its details and tips but also the whole composition. I want you to look at the pictures for their whole entirety, not only for my skirt or boots. I want to inspire you for not only what I am wearing but also for all the possibilities the Fashion world can let upon you.

With that said, a little note on today’s look; two coats are the new coat ! Why bundle up in one big puffy parka when you can be just as warn and still sport your favorite Fall coats ! The look is pretty monochrome so a touch of purple was the perfect add on. Classy meets preppy with the perfect SheIn faux suede, school girl skirt. And a pinch of masculinity with an oversized plaid coat paired with a hat. A beautiful balance.

Next year will be a fresh new start to Julia Fashionista and I hope you guys will tag along ! Cheers ! XOXO ♥








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  • saim

    Totally loving your outfit!love this post:-)

    • juliafashionista

      Thank you ! :)