Social media’s power

Social media pressure is a real thing. People get swirled in without a notice of what it does to our minds. The Insta-life people create just to get a few more followers, to potentially become Insta-famous, and at the end loosing everything due to a emotional breakdown. Social media literally took over our lives in a blink. It’s where you meet people, where you find places to eat, read about the news, find out about events .. It’s literally THE place to turn for whatever we need or seek. It’s also the place where most of us spend all our time without ever getting it back. Following those celebs, looking at their lives, envy them. (Why do we get so fascinated with a celebrity’s life ?! I guess it’s more the whole celebrity thing I don’t fully grasp.) It’s where you post all your pretty pictures and compare yourself with others. Get frustrated if your oh so “perfect” photo didn’t get enough likes. It’s also where you can either gain or loose your self esteem. Social media builds a life based on what you want people to see. Which most of the time is “fake”.

Social pressure is also when you are expected to post everyday .. New and beautiful content just to please the crowd. Sharing moments, events, making other jealous, making them think you live such a fantastic life. Reaching milestones, not in life but virtually is now the new thing. Eating cold and spending more time trying to snap the perfect Insta shot is now your new life. When gaining followers gives you such joy. When you live through Snapchat instead of truly appreciating the moment. When you can’t put your phone down because you Need to know what the others are doing. When social media controls you.

When I started the blog, I thought I needed all the channels out there to make myself known. I was never a Twitter fan but I thought I needed an account to promote my blog. I created a Facebook page and a Snapchat account. But slowly .. I felt no need to spend so much time on all those channels. Especially media I never really liked in the first place. I, now, do not use my Twitter account, nor Snapchat (I actually never used it publicly ..) and focus only on 3 media, which at time, I still feel like it’s too much. One day, all those social pages might be gone. A new thing will be up .. and you will loose EVERYTHING you have ever posted.

Just yesterday, I caught myself stressing about what to post next, and not having the time to create new content to share. I was so deep into it that I felt frustrated and disappointed with myself. Until I came back to the surface and realized that there is absolutely NO point in adding stress to ourselves, especially if it’s about something so “fake” as the media. Life is beautiful and challenging, at times, on its own, no need to create a “double” life where everything needs to look so perfect. It’s emotionally draining.

Sharing moments of our lives and beautiful pictures should be fun and not forced. We should be thrilled to share and not expect anything back. Setting goals such as a specific amount of followers or likes is intangible. It’s something no one has control over. But can deeply affect you if said goals are not reached. I honestly want to think that Social Media were not created to lower self esteem and make people envy or get jealous.

All that to say, that yes I am a victim but I do realize it and I want to change things. I do not post everyday anymore and can even be days missing in action. And I am OK with that. If I don’t have anything to share, I simply don’t force it. I do not want the media to control me. Followers are just a number. And I think I am worth a lot more than a number.

About today’s photographs, they were quite challenging !!! Let me explain why in a few words. Cold, lack of light and lack of time. We had to reschedule the shoot so many times I lost track. When we did shoot it, we had to redo it due to the poor quality because the light was not at its best. And that is something I am not willing to compromise on; quality ! So this is the final outcome, after so may trials ! The look is fun and bold ! Baby blue lips and jacket for a punch and a silver pleated skirt from StyleWe for some sparks. I wanted to create something different and a little out of my comfort zone and the lipstick totally did it !

Don’t let Instagram and co take over your beautiful soul ! XOXO ♥





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  • missreverie

    That is a great message! I think social media has a place but if you find yourself stressed out, then better take a breather. Life is to be lived and savored, with or without a sparkling Instagram post. I love what what you’re wearing and the poses you did, they all look so fun! You always know how to pick the best colors, I adore!! :D xo

    Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary

    • juliafashionista

      Aww thank you so much sweetie ! Means a lot ! XOXO

  • saim

    Totally loving your skirt!love this post:)

    • juliafashionista

      Thank you ! :)