Bermuda’s getaway

Throughout the years I met all sorts of people. Some that never left their home town. Some that did to eventually come back. Others left for a bigger city without being to far away from “home”. And then some that are always on the go. The same applies to traveling. Some don’t, some do. Some like to discover new places while others are comfortable always going back to the same places. It’s all define by who we are and our personality that will make us either go or not, move or not (that and also the fear/excitement). I left home shortly before my 17th birthday for school to then move to a bigger city (not to far away from “home”, to eventually, leaving everything behind, move to NYC (far enough from “home”). I never travelled much before I was 21. But my WHOLE world changed the moment I started discovering what other countries have to offer. I never thought I would end up liking traveling so much. Each and every single time, my heart fills with amazing feelings and it’s something you can totally get addicted to. My list is probably shorter if I tell you the places that are not on my list, because I seriously want to go EVERYWHERE !!! I just came back from a short getaway to Bermuda, and it felt like Paradise ! One of the most beautiful island I visited so far. It’s colourful, laid back (in a good way), delicious and magnificent.

The Bermuda Island is off the North Carolina coast (only 2hrs from NYC !!!). With the colour of its water, you might think it’s part of the Caribbean but they will fast enough let you know that they are not and proud not to be. The numerous beaches have a pinkish sand due to pink coral residue within the sand. It’s a soft hue but if you look at it closely, it’s totally pink and gorgeous ! The island is quite small (21 miles) but you impressively do not feel it. The land is beautifully rocky due to volcanoes and it makes gorgeous sceneries as you drive by ! The culture is a mix between British and American which makes it interesting as they really mix and match with one and another. The parishes (neighborhoods) are covered with pastel colored houses and greenery ! It’s simply breathtaking.

We scootered the whole island (which is, in my opinion, the only way to truly discover Bermuda) and found AMAZING secluded beaches. My favorites are John Smith’s Bay beach and Jobson’s Bay Cove. There are also Crystal caves, which are pretty fascinating. (Insider tip; go to Grotto Bay Beach Resort, they have an accessible free cave !! Smaller than the payable ones but just as crystalized !!) The food is mainly fish and seafood (one of the best fish chowder ever !!!). It’s fresh and absolutely delicious ! Highly recommend The Lobster Pot in Hamilton. As for the rest, I’ll let you find out about Bermuda’s beauty !

Don’t let the Bermuda Triangle scare you and go discover that gem. Happy New Year !! XOXO ♥

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