I’ve been out of touch with words and reading books, telling myself I didn’t have the time for it. Making myself believe it’s unimportant. But as the year came to an end, as I took some (a lot of) time off, I did some binge reading and made amazing discoveries. Stories or more realistic books. Powerful or dreamy. Books with truths, books with meanings. Books with answers. Books that intertwined with all sorts of little coincidences. Now, how you perceive those “coincidences” are up to you. Awareness is a powerful thing. The more aware you are, the more those little magical moments happen. It’s like your path finally unfolds in front of you.

After finishing a book and starting another one, I found they were speaking of the same subject, just brought up in a completely different view. Then as I am watching a movie of a book I read some years ago, it made me realize that it is NOT a coincidence that the movie, as well, was speaking volumes about the same thing. It’s like I lost track of my life and all those books and movie were telling me to get back on it, giving me the strength I was looking for. Life can be very magical when you are aware of all those beautiful little coincidences. Trust me, they happen for a reason, they are not simply “coincidences”. They are telling you something. Life is full of “miracles” !

As a new year has settled in, it’s time to put in full force all those goals, commitments, resolutions in place. In the past years, I had the tendency to make a list of resolutions that I never achieved nor kept past 3 months .. This year, I wanted it to be different so I came up with 3 commitments. Things I want to keep doing for the whole year so it eventually becomes part of my life forever ! The first one is keeping up with the gym. I’ve been committed to go at least four times a week since last August and so far so good. Rain or shine, I kick my bootie out of bed and go for a workout ! The feeling is rejuvenating ! I feel stronger and energized. And when some small results are finally pointing their nose out, you know you’re on the right path and it’s not time to quit !

My second commitment is to never take a thing personally. At least try my best not to. Might sounds stupid at first but honestly, it can seriously damage you inside out when you take stuff personally that wasn’t, in the first place, meant for you. Just let it go. We make such big dramas out of everything. It’s like we are fueling on drama. But to what cost ?! Our own happiness ?! Drama is for sure major entertainment, but let’s leave it for movies, books, plays .. No need to turn our own life into one of those Hollywood movie ! It’s exhausting, draining and not much good comes out of it. When you don’t take anything personally, you let go of the bad emotions. If someone tries to put you down with words, most likely, they have something to deal with and they are just putting it on you. It has nothing to do with you so why take it personal .. Don’t let it affect you and change the way you see yourself. You are worth more than one person’s opinion.

My last commitment is to live each day fully. When I was reflecting on last year, I realized that I didn’t remember half of it. I got scared. Half a year went by and I can’t even remember it. What did I do, what happened ?! Honestly, I must have not done much .. Which made me sad. Half a year went by and I didn’t enjoy it. So this new year, I want to remember it all (or most, memory is a shaky thing !), and LIVE it !!! Have fun and enjoy it ! Not everyday will be special but I want to find something special in all of them. It’s the teeny tiny little things that can brighten up each day. Those little coincidences ! As I said, they are telling you something, as simple as; S M I L E !! Life is worth smiling ! XOXO ♥




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