Magical beat

I’ve always been more silence over noise (including music, even though you can’t really say music is noise, as noise often has a bad connotation). In silence, I would gather my thoughts and truly reconnect with myself. In silence, I would concentrate better and get a better perspective on things. But sometimes, the inspiration is lacking while in quiet environments. Sometimes music is the answer to our questions. It adds the spark we are looking for. Then again, you need to be listening to the right type of music. The right beat that would follow and dance with your moods and emotions. When you’re on the right track (no pun intended !!!), a magical beat gets unleashed. One within you, deep inside. You can express it through movements, writing, drawing, or just by closing your eyes and visualizing the beauty. The answers are not necessarily within the music itself but rather in the whole ambiance created by it.
For some, music is a constant background “noise”. Some hide in music because just the thought of being in full silence frightens them. Silence can let the demons out ! Our mind has nowhere else to focus other than our deeper selves. But I like the thought of that. I like to have nothing else to focus on other than my own thoughts. To let the quietness of the silence fill me up and run through me. It allows me to ask myself questions and search my soul to find answers. I prefer to think of music as a source of inspiration rather than just filling the quietness. But sometimes the best soundtrack is the sound of Silence !
I often thought of listening to music while taking pictures of a new look. It would create something jazzy as my body would follow the rhythm ! In the meantime, I am sharing with you this new set of photographs featuring a SheIn distressed denim jacket. I can already see myself wearing it over delicate dresses in Spring for a nice contrast ! Also, quick mention to these rich royal blue fishnets from We Love Colors ! Can you believe I’ve never own fishnets before ?! I don’t know what I was waiting for, I love them so much, I want them all !

Let your body dance on the rhythm and the inspiration dance inside of you ! XOXO ♥






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