Breaking ties

We are all attached to our past in so many different ways. Some linger on it more than others. But at the end, we all look back and either see mistakes or joy. A past of fulfillments or a past full of claws threatening our present. I am no different. I often look back. And try to think either what went wrong or what I did good. The past is a dreadful thing and can be just like a black whole. It can draw us in without never seeing light again. In a way, the “past” is what “made” us. The events and decisions of our life made us who we are now, made us being here today. But that’s all it is. That’s all it should be. Nothing but the past. Focusing on the something that happened years ago won’t make us better and won’t necessarily change our today’s decisions. We got to break those ties with the past. So we can sleep at night.

Most of our troubles come from something that happened in the past. We move all our energy on those past events hoping to make them good. But we all know we can’t change the past. Unfortunately, or fortunately. We live life in the past and forget the one we actually are in. The beautiful moment we live in. A scent, a perfume, a taste, a sweet candy, a view, a landscape, a picture, a touch, a person .. all of those bring us back to some hidden memories. Memories are powerful but can also be a threat. Making us looking back at the past and wanting more. Wanting to relive the moment. Breaking ties with the past/memories can feel tough, impossible, because in a way they shaped us, but living in the moment, creating more memories, is more powerful.

We have to set ourselves free and live in the moment. What happened 3 seconds ago is already part of the past, so let it go. Don’t let it bother you, don’t let it eat you alive. The past is a trap which most of us fall in. But we don’t have to. And we shouldn’t. The present is all that should matter. The Now. Beautiful things can happen if we focus our energy on what’s happening Now ! We just have to give it a try and never look back.

For today’s photographs, I decided to take out Tris for a little walk. I’ve been wanting to shoot some more with her for so long. Playing with my alter egos is something so fun and therapeutic in a way. I can truly set myself free of any kind of judgment and just let the character deal with the events. Cause who wouldn’t want a hand or a little push from someone stronger once in a while ?! XOXO ♥

PS: Today’s look include this gorgeous faux fur leopard coat from Zaful. It’s the purrrfect edgy coat to add to your wardrobe ! Make sure you check Zaful out as they will have a Valentine’s day big promotion and tons of other sales happening at the moment !






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  • sam

    Totally loving your outfit:)

    • juliafashionista

      Thank you Sam ! :)

  • Andy

    Nice Outfit, Looking Great :)
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    • juliafashionista

      Thanks Andy ! :)