They all seem

Some really know how to catapult themselves in social media. Some know how to do crazy good makeup. Some are fashionably amazing. Some are pretty. Some have money. All in all, none of this is really real. They all seem like they live glamorous lives ! They all seem like they go brunching every Sunday, but sometimes it’s just an old picture, just to pretend. They all seem like they purchase flowers every week, but you don’t need to buy them to photograph them. They all seem like they have crazy good photography skills, but sometimes the pictures aren’t theirs. What you see, sometimes, it’s just not IT.

I over thought throughly many times to share pictures other than fashion on my social, such as food or city shots .. But at the end always changed my mind because, A) it could make people believe I live a very interesting life or B) I do not live a fascinating life to share all crazy moments of it. Now, obviously, option B is my problem and can somewhat be fixed .. But option A, well I can’t force people to believe or not  believe what they want.

Insta-Stories were a good way to compete with Snapchat, but, unless you only watch the stories of your friends and family (and even then), in my opinion, it’s such a waist of time. You can literally spend HOURS just going through the people’s stories. People you don’t even know. People you feel like you know just by watching their stories but at the end, you truly don’t .. I follow quite a lot of people, it could simply never end. And what do you gain ?! Probably nothing and you lost time, and we all know that you can’t get that back ! I guess that is one of the major reasons I did not fall into it. I did not want you to lose your time following me through my day, thinking I’m so cool.

Why are we so interested in everybody else’s life ?! Ours is not good enough ?! Shouldn’t we focus on our life and spend our time doing things that mean something to us instead of watching everyone else’s stories ?! It’s literally like a 24/7 TV reality. Who needs to watch this much TV ?! I guess I’m different on that matter; I don’t even own a TV.

I’m not criticizing but rather pin pointing that whatever you see on those people’s Instagram, all those beautiful pictures, does not mean that they are fully Happy. And it should not stop You from being Happy. Happiness is not something you can share on social media. Stop comparing yourselves. Your life is Yours and it’s beautiful ! You and only you can decide what you do with it. Don’t waste time, go out and live !

Today’s look features a faux shearling coat from SheIn. I love its crop situation as well as the blue-ish grey-ish ! It’s a soft hue that blends well with pretty much any outfit ! Plus it’s super soft and warm ! The perfect little cozy coat ! XOXO ♥





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  • Andy

    Amazing Outfit, looking great :)
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    • juliafashionista

      Thanks Andy ! :)

  • Style Link Miami

    Loving all the textures, Julia! If you ever need some inspiration check out our blog


    • juliafashionista

      Thank you Shaundrick ! :) Will do !

  • Milex

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