Talk the talk

It makes me laugh when people talk like they know everything. I know for a fact that I don’t. But I like to ask questions. Like a lot of questions. I want to know how, why and where you got your information. It’s not a game, I’m just curious (and want to know the “real” story !) Of course some subjects do not file under my meticulous questionnaire but most do. And I will probably won’t let it go until I’m most certainly sure you are telling something with founded facts. Like, how can you know for sure ?! Were you there ?! I can be very insistent sometimes !

When people talk the talk, they make you believe. Any “good” leader would know. Now, are they talking just to talk or they are actually talking serious matters ?! Matters they know and can relate. I’ve encountered a lot of people who like to talk. About everything and/or nothing. But if it’s a serious subject, I tend to always do my own research afterwards. Not that I don’t trust them (well, sometimes I don’t !) but the conversation usually gets me curious and I want to know more about the subject so I can feel more educated.

In general, people defend their favorites and neglect the others. Highly speak of what they believe in and disregard everything else. People tend to see what they want and believe in what they want. It’s human nature. It’s not good nor bad but when it comes to serious and delicate subjects, we should all see it with an outsider’s eye. Because who are we to be the judge.

People feel so confident about their sayings even though they might not be founded on anything. I mean, haven’t we all done it, speaking like we know it all only to find out that we don’t !?! And it’s alright but we should learn from that “mistake” ! What we don’t really know, or aren’t so sure about, we should probably not speak about it, especially if it’s a delicate subject .. It can only turn the conversation into an argument or even worst. Fighting over something so irrelevant or abstract is totally pointless in my opinion. It’s a complete lost of energy.

I hope you guys enjoy today’s new set of photographs as much as I do ! I’ve put a lot of time and effort into them and I am very satisfied with the end result ! Editing your own pictures might sound like an easy job, or actually part of the job, but it’s extremely time demanding. But in the end, I get to be even prouder as I truly created from A to Z ! And that is highly rewarding ! Much love, XOXO ♥






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