Saying NO to body shaming

Body shaming. We’ve all done it;  body shaming ourselves and/or someone else. But I feel like the easiest targets are the celebrities. Like WE are expecting them to be slim, fit, curvy, enough here, less there .. They are just easy targets simply because they are literally right there and all over the media.  But who are WE to judge and body shame them ?! Are WE fit, slim, curvy ?! Are WE what WE want them to be ?! The answer is probably not. Cause it’s just easy to judge and comment on others and do nothing about ourselves.

I body shame myself, ain’t better than anyone. I body shame others, ain’t proud. The real problem isn’t doing all those things. It’s HOW and WHERE those things come out. Body shaming, judging and bullying on the internet is certainly not right. Not that it is OK to do it anywhere else, but certainly not in a public environment such as the internet, where the words spread around faster than the speed of light.

We either judge because we want to be better than them, we judge because we are better than them, or we judge cause that’s all we know. Or sometimes, all of the above. Just to see “who’s better” .. How about NO ONE. No one is better than anyone. We are just as equal. Yes, she/he might not look like you but that does not mean a thing in my book. That does not take their talent away, take their wishes away, take their dreams away.

Just remember that whoever you might judge/body shame, might do the same to you. No one is perfect, especially not for everyone. And that is the true beauty. Beauty is diverse. Without diversity the world wouldn’t be as we know it now.

A judgment comes out so easily but it might take years for that person to erase it. We all think we are better. And it’s OK up to a point, even though it’s very egocentric. But how about we all keep those judgments to ourselves. How about we think if we would like to receive those judgmental comments before saying them. I’m pretty sure everyone would be quiet ! Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing at times !

In a perfect world, we would all be kind to one another. XOXO ♥

PS: Talking about love, how cute is this unintentional Valentine’s look ?! Colour blocking in all the Love colours !






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  • Andy

    Yes indeed, “Beauty is diverse”.I am impressed by the way you dressed and the way you expressed yourself :)
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    • juliafashionista

      Thank you so much Andy ! Means a lot ! XX

  • Rafal

    Great styling
    You look at the sensational

    • juliafashionista

      Thank you Rafal ! :)