Wildest dreams

I never thought of myself as a dreamer. But I guess I’ve just been a nonbeliever .. I never believed that dreams could and can come true. Of course you have to work hard but it’s possible nonetheless ! When some of your craziest, wildest dreams come true, it’s definitely a pinch me moment ! The sensation is hard to grasp. And you won’t truly realize what just happened until later on.

Call it a dream, a fantasy, a goal, a bucket list, at the end, it’s all the same. They all give you the same incontrollable feeling of happiness when achieved. It doesn’t have to be major, a dream is a dream no matter how “big” or “small” it is ! It can be a place to visit, meeting a celebrity, seeing a landscape, doing something out of the ordinary, it can be related to fitness, education, skills, it can literally be anything ! That’s the beauty of a dream !

I definitely have an eternal list of dreams, so I guess you can call me a dreamer !!! And I plan to scratch them all off ! Cause what’s worth living if not in our own fantasy !?!!!

Today’s look is simple, comfortable with a hint of chicness, featuring a “super” cute printed tee from SheIn. I’ve been all about the comfiness of simple tees lately and SheIn definitely has a lot of options at such affordable prices. I like to pair them with jeans for a casual look or a fun skirt for a touch of elegance. Please forgive me if you see an abundance of fun tees over the next couple of weeks but it’s seriously all I want to live in at the moment !!! XOXO ♥




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