The numbers

It’s hard to believe that numbers define our success. If your not growing your followers, you’re considered unsuccessful, as most people would say, it is my case. But I don’t consider myself unsuccessful. Not exactly where I want to be but definitely not unsuccessful. I still get the chance to collaborate with amazing brands and connect with like minded people. My followers are not growing, rather decreasing at times .. But I stopped worrying about it. I stopped stressing about it. Not that I don’t care anymore, but I am worth more than a number. I don’t need social media reassurance. There is a lot of extremely talented souls that have a handful of followers, but does that take their gift for creating such impressive content away ?!

I receive tons of emails to “grow” my numbers, to buy followers .. all that genuinely, apparently. I don’t see anything “genuine” in purchasing some likes. Life doesn’t work like that; you can’t buy friends or love and social media should not let you do that either. It’s already fake enough, why add another layer of lies. Why spend your money on something so irrelevant, just to get the numbers. Cause let’s face it, lying to get to the top will only make you go down harder.

Social media is to socialize, to connect, to share and stay in touch with people. Not something to build your life around. How many times have we heard an Insta-sensation going rogue because they couldn’t take it anymore. Yes you get invited here and there, you receive free goodies but to what cost ?! Letting an “application” drive your life is something I have a hard time to grasp and it definitely scares me.

Technology will never slow down, even though, at times I wish it would. There will be new apps, new places to become famous on something called the Internet. I sometimes feel like we are living in some sort of Matrix. There’s us living the real life, waking up every morning and doing our daily chores .. then there’s us, living the social media life, sharing all sort of content all around the world, hoping to get discovered one day. Hoping to quit our real life for something completely abstract. I think social media should have come with a warning.

On a different note, festival season is about to start and I am thrilled to share with you a look I particularly love, for the upcoming festivities in partnership with SheIn. They have tons of gorgeous sunnies, tops and bottoms to help you create the look of your dream ! I am really proud of how the pictures turned out and I don’t need the numbers to prove it to myself ! Don’t let the numbers define you ! XOXO ♥






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