The urge to lie

Why is it that everybody feels the urge to lie. I mean, I wouldn’t say I never lie, cause that would be a lie. But let’s be franc, some lie more than others. And some lie at their own risk, costing them their job or relationships.

I mean, up to a point, don’t we all lie when someone asks how we are and we just reply good even though we are far from it ?! But that is taking it to an extreme .. I totally understand that you might not want to disclose private matters to the cashier at the grocery store ! As at other times, it’s more of “I’m not telling a lie but rather not the whole truth” kinda thing. Which can be OK, depending on the situation, of course ! You don’t want to omit telling your doctor about medication allergy, that would be completely silly and unnecessary (and could potentially put you in danger !!).

But why is it that a large amount of people feel the need to lie at some point ?! Are they scared of the truth ? Afraid of what might happen to them once the truth is out ? Or they cannot accept the truth altogether ? Cause, let’s not lie, the truth can be scary, chocking and hard to digest, but we can not live in a world full of lies, therefore we need that heart breaking truth at some point. Life wouldn’t be as beautiful without little bumps in the road ! Don’t we all need some defeats to appreciate more the victories !?

With that said, I’m not going to lie and say I was always a big fan of hoodies ! I never thought I would feature one on the blog ! But things changed and in all the best possible ways ! Cause seriously, hoodies are the bomb !!! So comfy yet stylish when paired with chic skirts or trousers ! And SheIn has a large variety of different styles and colours so it’s hard to not fall in love with the new trendy piece !








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