Somewhere in the middle

In a world like today, it is hard not to compare ourselves. I try not to, but always end up doing so and loosing all my confidence.

There will always be better than us, but also worst than us. The fact that we stand somewhere in the middle should not only ground us but also give us power to fight for more and push our limits farther.

There are days when I feel no one nor nothing could ever stop me. But there are also days where I am my own enemy. It’s a constant battle. The bad days make me appreciate the good ones and the good days make me want more ! It’s a constant work in progress to self freedom.

Not being at our best gives us the strength to keep moving forward. Not being at our worst reminds us there’s only a fine line between success and fail. Being somewhere in the middle is somewhat, the perfect balance. Enough room for improvement, but also, a timeline to look back to see our progress. We just have to keep on moving one day at a time. XOXO ♥

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  • Kathryn O'Brien

    Love this post. I saw your Instagram photo and decided to read it! I totally agree with every word you said. I always compare myself to other fashion bloggers, and I think things like, “Why aren’t I going to all these amazing places?”, “Why can’t I post as many outfits?” and, “Why don’t I have as many followers?” It did get me down at one point, and I took a break from blogging as a result. I now have a different perspective on it all – I find it to be motivating now! X

    • juliafashionista

      Ahh thank you so much Kathryn ! :) I couldn’t agree more with you !!!
      Keep up the good work ! XOXO