Not so little black dress

I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot more colours into my wardrobe lately (red has been one but stay tuned for some really bright shades !!), but I can’t deny the power of black and its fifty shades ! I love how moody black can be but also very chic and sophisticated. Black is simply just so versatile. Any day, any mood, black surely got your back.

A little black dress is always a good idea ! But if your (not so) little black dress has a delicate flower print that is not overpowering, a plunging neck line and a flowy material, I’m definitely sold ! Actually, you had me at black !!! Once again, VIPme covered my craving for a black dress but also gave me the option to have the perfect balance between a black and not entirely black dress ! Unfortunately, this same dress is sold out but make sure to check these out, for colour and black lovers !!! XOXO ♥

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