How many times have we started something to realize we went off on a tangent .. that lasted 2hrs + … It’s so easy to get distracted and loose focus nowadays ! Social media, television, online shopping, or simply “browsing” the Internet are all sources of entertainment but also major distractions ! How many times have we interrupted our work to scroll down on Instagram or watch that funny video a friend posted ?! I’m definitely guilty !

Even our own thoughts are highly distractive. Either we’re thinking of what’s for dinner or the weekend plans, or even the miscellaneous things we need to get from the pharmacy, our mind never stops .. And it never lets us fully enjoy the Now ! The present moment.

Now, it’s not all bad, we do have to think about those things and it’s ok to distract ourselves, but when we do decide to do so, we should give it our full attention and not let our mind go on a tangent. Of course, easier said than done, says the girl that is doing 3 billion things while trying to write this post !!!!

On a fashion note, this bright yellow sweater is my new everything ! Too bad (NOT) the weather is finally getting warmer !!! It’ll definitely be my go-to for those cooler nights ! XOXO ♥




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