Discovering Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia. I never thought I would step foot there but there I was and with absolutely no regrets !! Not only is it charming but the people are friendly, it’s inexpensive (at least compared to NYC rate !), the food is delicious and our Airbnb host was the best ! But the best part is that we got the chance to take home a lovely little kitten that our hosts found on their porch. You guys will get to see him soon, he’s so adorable and so tiny, your heart will melt ! So in recap, I got sun burn (my mistake), bruised (don’t ask how), mosquito bitten (there’s a lot) and found a gorgeous little kitten ! Our little baby made it all worth it !

Here’s my, more in detail, recap, of our short stay in Savannah. It’s a small town, don’t get me wrong but with its doll looking houses your are charmed right away ! It’s quiet, peaceful, clean, safe and friendly, what more can you ask for ?! You can easily take an Uber/Lyft anywhere for not much but the downtown area is all walkable. The Forsyth Park is a must for either just a walk or a picnic; it’s full of oak trees with Spanish moss (like most of the city), playgrounds, a fountain and tons of greens to play and hang around ! The Bonaventure cemetery is also on top of my list. It’s literally a gorgeous park with graves. Trust me, it’s not creepy, but rather poetic and nostalgic ! You could easily spend hours walking around .. we only had a short period of time before we had to get back to the train station for our next destination but I did get to see graves of people who made it past 100 years old back in the 19th century, mind you. Pretty impressive if you ask me !

Now, let’s talk about the main reason why we went down south !! F O O D !! I heard so many fabulous comments about how good the food is ! And they were not lying ! Either meat, fish or seafood, the Southerners definitely know how to cook ! And we got a taste of it all ! Our first lunch was at Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina, which is a dream for meat lovers ! Smoked, barbecued, deliciousness ! Try anything, I’m sure it won’t disappoint you but don’t miss out on their fried pickles !

For dinner we went to The Wyld, a joint a little far from the downtown area but oh so worth it ! It’s by a creek (be prepared for mosquitos !) but the place is fun and the food is tasty ! Their menu changes often depending on the seasons but anything with fish is worth it !

For our second day, we had lunch at Treylor Park, thanks to lovely ladies we met the night before. It’s all about the american traditionals but with a twist, in a laid back atmosphere ! We got the shrimp & grits tacos and the tuna pizza, both exceptional ! We never tried the original shrimp & grits until we made it to Charleston (my whole recap coming up soon) but now that I did, those tacos are way better than the original recipe in my opinion !!! If you are into wings, they are famous for their PB&J wings !!

Our last dinner in Savannah was by far my favorite ! We went to The Vault. A must go. The former bank is now turned into a trendy, chilled but chic eatery. And the food is more than you would expect ! We got the tofu bun (O M G), Korean BBQ tacos and the spicy tuna tartare. Make sure you leave room for dessert, they have a decadent chocolate cake !

Savannah is such a chilled place that a few, or a least The Ordinary Pub, offers boozy brunch 7 days a week ! Now, that’s my kinda place !!! And for the price, you can’t beat that; $10 for unlimited mimosas ! The food was good, not life changing experience but, honestly, it’s all about the mimosa ! Plus you also get a Togosa (To Go Mimosa) !!

In general, we ate really well but it’s also about the whole experience. The service is top notch and I can’t say it enough, people are so friendly ! It’s a gorgeous town with tons of small parks and fountains and houses to make you dream ! If you are looking for a small getaway, Savannah should be on top of your list !

Charleston coming up next, stay tuned ! XOXO ♥

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