The best of Charleston

Our little getaway was supposed to last just a few days and only in Savannah. But we ended up changing our plans for a full week and adding Charleston to our list. And I could not have been happier about the decision ! Charleston is magnificent !! Very similar to Savannah, but better in my opinion ! The only down side is that it is not as inexpensive as its neighbor city, but it was worth every penny !!
Our vacation got a little complicated due to our new little family member but a train later, he was in Charleston ! So tiny and he already visited 3 cities !! As cats sleep most of the day, it was not a problem to leave him in our room at our Airbnb but we would always come back before dinner to check on him !
Like I mentioned, Charleston is BEAUTIFUL !! Gorgeous houses, major history, and more restaurants than you can eat in!! We were literally restaurant hopping to get to try as many as we could !! My favorite by far is 167 Raw ! It’s a tiny little place, farther than most other places, there’s always wait time (but you can enjoy a drink while waiting, so it’s not so bad !!), but guys, you have to trust me on this one !!! This place is A M A Z I N G !!! So good we went twice ! Their lobster roll is the best I ever had. Buttery bun and lots of big lobster chunks !! We also tried the taco, a seafood plater, the ceviche and their tuna burger ! And don’t forget to leave room for dessert ! They have a giant ice cream cookie sandwich !
Like I mentioned, Charleston is plastered with places to eat but a lot of them open only for dinner, which added a level of difficulty to our restaurant hopping ! (But 167 Raw is open for lunch & dinner !!) Another one open for lunch is Leon’s Oyster Shop ! Their char grilled oysters are mind blowing, just like their smoked mahi dip and shrimp roll !! Another oyster bar we tried is The Darling (only dinner time). Usually you have to wait (or make a reservation) but they have plenty of bar seating for which you don’t need a reservation for and the service is impeccable so you don’t have to wait for too long ! Once again, the food did not disappoint !
For a fancier dinner, try The Ordinary, which is located in a former bank ! It’s small plates to share (my kind of place !!) and everything is super tasty and the presentation is incredible ! A little more pricey but it won’t disappoint ! For a quick snack in between meals, we stopped at Prohibition for a chill ambiance, a glass of wine and their crispy brussels sprouts !! Yes brussels sprouts !!!
Other than eating and walking around daydreaming about the sublime homes, we went to the Magnolia Plantation and Garden. Peacocks, turtles, alligators, rabbits and more live on the premises, which complement the gorgeous scenery ! We also did a tour called From Slavery to Freedom, where we learned more about the purpose of the plantation back in the 1800, which I highly recommend ! Plan at least 3 hours or more if you want to do different tours and walk the gardens. But it’s a must see, so don’t miss out !
If you ever want to feel the southern vibe, Charleston is your destination ! You will eat (a lot) very well and there are tons of plantations to visit, a beach and the downtown area will charm you right away ! If the world wasn’t so big, I would most definitely go back ! XOXO ♥


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