Clothes without restrictions

My favorite thing in high school and college, besides writing in my agenda with colourful pens, was to pick my outfit of the day !! Of course, I enjoyed it once I started working, but there was always a dress code restricting me from shining and my wardrobe would be filled with black dressy pants and blouses ! Not necessarily a dream closet if you ask me !

When I moved to NYC and decided to pursue a fashion career as a blogger, I was so thrilled to start fresh and to be able to buy clothes that I absolutely love and that I can wear without any restrictions ! I love experimenting and playing around with fabrics, patterns, shapes and colours ! I’m a lot more daring today than I was just 3 years ago and I’m truly embracing it !

When I was a little younger, I would tend to stick with one style and always buy the same kind of clothes, never leaving my comfort zone. Nowadays, it’s more the opposite ! Not that today’s look is daring or out of my comfort zone but midi skirts (or dresses) was definitely not something I was interested in until not so long ago. They can be tricky as they can make you look shorter but they are so elegant. I’m totally in love and own so many by now !

I paired my mint skirt with a SheIn crop top, another thing I would have never gone for before ! But with fashion being all about high waisted everything for the past seasons, it makes it easier to wear crop tops ! Plus when the top is as cute as this one, who can resist ! XOXO ♥







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