Something about dresses

When I shop, I go through phases .. Either I’m all into shoes or bags or skirts or tops .. I rarely shop for all at once. I go on shopping sprees one category at the time !! Like last week I bought 3 pairs of shoes. Might take me a while before I buy shoes again (or not, let’s face it, I never go that long without wanting a new pair of shoes !!!) But there’s something about dresses that makes me want to have them at all times ! I don’t need to be in “dress phase” to get one or two !!
I know I’ve said that multiple times; dresses are my go-to outfits, always ! Either in a rush, or I don’t know what to wear, or I need something chic but effortless, dresses always have my back ! Plus for the Summer, a good dress keeps you cool while looking cool !
Now I know this VIPShop dress might not be the perfect fit for a really hot day but it’s exactly what you need for a breezy day ! The uneven hem will twirl around making you feel like a diva at every step ! Plus the polka dots and silky fabric make the dress so chic, all eyes will be on you !
In my last getaway, for whatever reason, a white bag didn’t make it home quite white .. So I turned the strap (that miraculously got saved from the damages) into a belt. I loved the hardware so much, I couldn’t let it go to waste. Such a shame on the bag but at least it didn’t all went down the drain ! And it could not  have been a better match with this dress ! Not only does it accentuate the waist, but it also adds to the retro chic vibe I wanted to create with these photographs !
Get your hands on that gorgeous VIPShop dress before it’s too late, and use my code Julia689 to get $5 off on orders over $50 !! XOXO ♥







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