Birthday month

We have officially entered my birthday month !! I remember the time when all I wanted to do was throw a party and let everyone know it was my birthday. As I grow older, not that I am ashamed of my age by no means, I’m actually excited to grow older a little at a time ! But I am certainly more quiet about the celebration and I’d rather spend it with a few beloved ones. Of course, if you throw me a surprise party, I’ll be delighted ! But I, for sure, won’t be organizing my birthday party anymore !

Our vision and meaning of having a good time definitely evolves with time ! When one day clubbing was cool, now it’s Netflix and a good bottle of wine ! There’s something comforting about your home when you grow older that you just want to spend as much time in it as possible ! Taste changes, what we once liked is now part of the past and what we once despised is at the top of our list !! I remember when I simply couldn’t get a sip of red wine without making a disgusted face .. the taste was just so off !!

Same goes with clothing ! Once all I wanted to wear was short shorts and mini skirts. I’ve swapped it all for midi skirts and dresses ! I find there is something very sexy and elegant in that particular length ! But one thing that did not change over the years is my love for back cleavage !!! You just can’t go wrong with an open back dress or top ! So you must understand what came to my mind when I saw this SheIn dress; I needed it in my life !!! It’s lightweight, the stripes are perfect for Summer and it has pockets !! I mean, can it get any better ?!

Birthdays, the celebration of our birth. Partying sounds appropriate but what we should really do is thank the universe for letting us see the beauty of another year ! Cheers to all the leos !! XOXO ♥







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